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Abdullah Gül

“Posta” Newspaper– From Armenian master of frock.

President Abdullah Gul’s frock has been designed and tailored by world famous tailor Levon Kordonciyan.

With the establishment of the Turkish Republic, one of the 6 people that Ataturk had sent to France for training was the great-grandfather of Levon Kordonciyan.

Since then Levon and his family Kordonciyan, who dressed up famous people around the world, became a popular brand that have been internationally recognized.

Barack Obama

“Milliyet” Newspaper – A Tuxedo for Obama, from a Turkish tailor.

Forth generation son of Levon Kordoncıyan who designed and tailored Ataturk’s tuxedoes, prepared and sent a very special tuxedo to Barack Obama. This tuxedo will be at Obama’s wardrobe for special occasions.

Robert De Niro

“Sabah” Newspaper / Turkish tuxedo for Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is a new customer for Levon Kordonciyan who designs tuxedoes for Hollywood stars. The master actor ordered a tuxedo with a red jacket and red-black shoes.

Colin Firth

Daniel Craig

George Clooney

Russell Crowe

Hugh Jackman

Samuel L. Jackson

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Sean Connery

Eddie Murphy

Steve Martin





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